Memorial Day at the Lake


I'm back from a long weekend at one of my favorite places: Lake Oconee in Georgia. (Remember it? We were there last summer and for Thanksgiving too.)

"Back," of course, is a relative term, as I'm still in Georgia for the rest of this week. But, alas, lake time has come to an end because My Dad, My Sister, and Conservative Boy had to fly home bright and early this morning. Apparently some people can't take their work with them wherever they go. (Yes, I am rubbing it in.)

I have a few posts to share with you about our adventures in the Lake Oconee area—stay tuned for antique shopping and a peek at a few of the lovely residences we spent time at while in the area. But for now, I thought I'd whet your appetite with some photos of the actual lake, where we spent much of our time Saturday and Sunday (despite a few rain showers).

There was boating (and more than a bit of sitting on the dock).

And tubing.

And swimming.

And fishing.

And plenty of wet dogs.

(Wait! Hold the presses. This is not my dear sweet Butter you're seeing here. We'll call him Butter's long-lost cousin, Chester, who despite being a year younger weighs as much as Butter does. These two were a nice substitute while I was away from my dear puppy. But man oh man did they wear one another out.)

Plus there was plenty of photo-taking, since Uncle H and My Sister both have cameras I covet. So I can't take credit for all of the above images. It was a team effort!

More soon ...


Sarah said...

You should bring Chester home with you :)

Julie said...

I wish we would've! He and Butter really would have hit it off. Except think of all the white hair ...