The Brookstone Member-Guest

Member-Guest tournaments can be serious affairs that involve high entry fees, big-money pots, intense playoffs, and exquisite crystal prizes.

Or they can involve pink flamingos, feather boas, and bird feeders.

Guess which kind I participated in yesterday?

Yep, it was the latter. This was my third year playing in the Brookstone Member-Guest tournament with Auntie R. My Mom was there too, playing with Miss LP. My Mom used to play with Auntie R each year, until one year she couldn't come so I played with Auntie R instead. And we won. And now I get to play with Auntie R every year. (Don't worry, My Mom doesn't mind in the least. She and Miss LP have a wonderful time. And they don't get near as competitive as Auntie R and I, so it works out for the best.)

Each year, the women's member-guest includes a theme. One year it was a safari, so we wore safari-looking cowboy hats and posed for photos with a giant gorilla (photos are required, by the way).

This year, the theme was Birdies of a Feather, so Auntie R and I decided pink sequined flamingo t-shirts were appropriate (and good luck).

My Mom and Miss LP wore vests adorned with bright blue feather boas.

They also had little blue birds attached to their visors. My Mom actually wore her visor for the whole round and every time I noticed the bird perched on her head I started giggling. It's a wonder I didn't mishit more shots.

Speaking of which, guess who won Low Net for the first flight this year?

Yep, that's right. Collins and Collins. (That's Auntie R and I, in case you weren't sure.) The big winnings? Bird feeders. They're very lovely, only mine didn't quite fit in my suitcase, so it's going to hang out at Auntie R and Uncle H's for a while.

Oh, and by some miracle, I won the putting contest for guests too.

(And it really was a miracle, because promptly after finishing the contest on Thursday I played 18 and three-putted pretty much every hole. It was at that point My Mother—My Mother!—informed me that I needed a new putter. In fact, she was adamant. And if your mother tells you that you need a new putter, you sure as hell better find a new putter. So Uncle H loaned me an old Taylor Made for Friday and I have to admit, I did putt a bit better. So thanks for the sound golf advice, Mom. I promise to listen to you more often.)

I don't have much to say about this picture. It's looking back from the green toward the number four tee box. I just felt the need to add an obligatory golf course shot.

One last note: Another perk of the women's tournament? On the fourth hole, a certain handsome gentleman who also happens to have the last name Collins (that would be Uncle H, in case you're wondering ... there are quite a few handsome gentlemen with the last name Collins, so it's important to clarify), served refreshments for all the ladies.

How appropriate.

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