Giving You Some To-Dos

Hello dear reader. I want to ask you to add a few very important things to your to-do list today.

OK, so they might not be super important. But they are fun.

First, I suggest you go to The Home Know-It-All and comment on the post about the Black & Decker Scumbuster. Doing so instantly enters you to win one. If you don't want it, you could always win and pass it along to me. I'm not eligible to win but I sure do want to try one out. Have you seen our shower lately? Let's just say it's a bit scummy and leave it at that.

Second, while you're at The Home Know-It-All, check out the $200 bathroom makeover. Seriously, it cost $200. And the result is fantastic—you wouldn't even know it's the same bathroom. I thought it might inspire those of you who, like me, are on a budget but are always looking for ways to revamp your house.

Finally, take a trip over to BHG.com to check out the results of the 48-Hour Blog Challenge.

The outdoor makeovers—two porch redos, a grill cart, an arbor, and a potting bench—are all projects you could tackle yourself. Or you could come over to my house and tackle them for me, if you're so inclined. Either way, while you're visiting, be sure to vote for your favorite—the winner receives a $5,000 bonus!

OK. That's it for the to-do list. Unless you're interested in more? Well, in that case, about that shower ...


Anonymous said...

Ahh!! My odds were way better when only two people had commented!!

Julie said...

Don't worry ... they're still pretty good! And I think one or two of the other commenters might share with you if they win. :)

Anonymous said...

I WON!!!!!!