An Herb Garden

Last year I planted herbs in pots. Two types of parsley and oregano made an appearance in this pot near the front door. Mint, basil, and rosemary resided in the mass of pots on our sidewalk.

This year, however, I decided to change things up a bit. You see, there's this great planter built in along the front of our house beneath Butter's window. Last year, I filled the planter with a random assortment of flowers (including an abundance of petunias) and a few other plants. It was pretty and all, but I decided that this summer it was silly to buy a ton of herbs for pots and a whole lot of flowers for the planter, when I could easily put both things in the planter.

So this year, the planter has become my herb garden (with a bit of color thrown in for good measure).

First there's basil. Three basil plants, to be exact. The Conservative Men do not enjoy basil, but I lurrrve it—with fresh tomatoes, as homemade pesto, thrown into any dish imaginable. So one basil plant isn't going to cut it. Now I have three.

Near the basil, there's oregano.

There's also rosemary. Rosemary is delish.

And parsley. Yum yum.

Plus some lavender, which smells absolutely divine. I am going to use lavender in my soap, when I get around to making it. (I keep talking about it, I know. I really am going to do it soon.)

As I said, there are a few flowers too. Like these little princesses.

And these snapdragons, which I hope will grow tall and tease Butter in front of the window.

Come on over and snag some herbs anytime you like!

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