A Kentucky Derby Party

The hat contest at the Kentucky Derby party Conservative Boy, Conservative Parents, and I went to Saturday afternoon was rigged. It must have been. How else can you explain why this hat didn't win any prizes?

It's pretty much the best Kentucky Derby hat ever, right? And I slaved over it for hours. Or for at least 20 minutes. It's stylish. It makes a statement. Parts of it are edible. What more could you ask for?

I think the secret judges must have something against pastel, sugar-coated marshmallows shaped like bunnies. Maybe if they had been horses instead.

Or they don't think cowboy hats adorned with tissue paper are proper Kentucky Derby party attire. And that? Well, that's just plain ridiculous. Everybody knows a good cowboy hat is all-occasion wear. Maybe I should've worn my cowboy boots too. I bet that's why I didn't win.


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