Getting Organized

I realize that this blog post might bore approximately 50 percent of my readers, who are male. So I'll just warn you right now: It's about organizing my jewelry. Then again, if you're like Conservative Boy you may want to keep reading.

He was digging through a dresser drawer the other day and we discovered he has quite a collection of jeweled Sigma Chi pins, random earrings from when his ear was pierced (the rebel), necklaces from when he wore necklaces (no comment), and about 250,000 money clips. OK, I exaggerated a bit. It's only 129,000 money clips.

Anyhow, if you're like Conservative Boy or happen to be a woman, perhaps you can relate to the absolute mess my jewelry usually is. Up until a couple of weeks ago it was scattered. I hung some tangled necklaces on a hook in my closet, but the rest were crammed in random boxes and thrown into my nightstand drawer. My earrings littered the bathroom countertop and the top of my nightstand, were shoved in abandoned purses, and occupied a random jewelry box here and there. A mess, I tell you. An absolute mess.

And then I reached that blessed day when I decided I couldn't take it anymore. And I set to work organizing, without spending any money. So I rounded up some random bowls I had on hand (full disclosure: I cheated and bought two bowls at the thrift store for about a buck), scrounged around in the garage for the extra silverware organizer we had no use for, and headed to the bathroom.

Our big retro bathroom is blessed with a multitude of drawers, over half of which are empty because we don't have that many toiletries. So I commandeered two drawers at the vanity: one for my necklaces and bracelets, the other for the earrings.

Voila! Organized. And cheap. And easy.

There are, however, plenty of other clever ways to organize your jewels besides this little solution. To display your earrings, try my friend Cara's pretty earring organizer. I also love Sherry's ceramic egg crate at This Young House. And if I had $66 lying around, I'd buy this magnolia tree. But I don't have $66 and probably won't until Butter gets a job.

How do you corral your gems? Share your ideas here, as I'm sure to tire of the current system in, oh, 5 minutes.


Jason said...

I have an old cigar box and a smaller leather covered box for my assorted pins, badges, rings, cufflinks, and money clips. They're manly enough, and at least don't scream jewelry box. The cigar box I use for things that have their own box/case, and my handkerchiefs, for lack of a better place to keep them. Always good to have a clean, white handkerchief in case one runs into a dame in need of one, especially at weddings and funerals. The smaller, leather box (which I picked up at Hobby Lobby in Des Moines, of all places) I use for assorted loose things.

Lauren said...

good call! i shelled out some (and by some, i mean too much) money at the container store and still hate my jewelry organization. correction: i like the necklace thingy (basically a mug hanging contraption) but hate the earring holder b/c none of my earrings fit (and apparently i'm too lazy to actually put the earrings back into it every day). i might try to find one of those egg crate things. like really, jewelry has been around since the dawn of man...why can't anyone create a decent way to organize all those earrings i just have to have....

Julie said...

An old cigar box and leather-covered box. Very manly. I should suggest that to C.B.

Also, I love the fact that one should carry a clean white handkerchief in case one runs into a dame in need of one. That is fabulous. Should they be monogrammed?

Julie said...

Lo, I love the egg crate. If you get one let me know. I am with you on the earring holder—that's why I went with bowls, because I like to just toss my earrings in them rather than having to mess with hanging them. That's a pain.