A New Design

If you regularly visit the Julie Tries home page to get your updates on all things Julie, Conservative Boy, and Butter, odds are you've already noticed things have changed around here. (Unless it's early morning and you're still bleary eyed. In which case, wake up darn it! This is important stuff.)

If you read my posts by email subscription or RSS feed, however, you have no idea what I'm talking about. So I'll give you a hint:

Either way, if you're not there yet, might I suggest that you mosey on over to the home page to see what's happening? It will only take you a minute (promise!) and all you have to do is click right here.

An incredibly talented friend of mine helped add a bit of personality to Julie Tries. Maybe you like it, maybe you don't. All I know is that I think it's swell and I'm excited to finally boot that boring blog of the past to the curb.

Let me know what you think. Then come back later—I'm posting about more Georgia adventures soon!


Rachael said...

LOVE the new design. Of course, since I didn't even know you had a blog I haven't seen the old one. But I am confident that this is way better. I'm about to dive into some archives right now!

Laura said...

The new design looks great! It's very "you."

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see the Ga. pics. C Mom

Creative Overflow said...

love the new design! it's perfect for summer

Julie said...

I'm glad you all like it! It is very "me," isn't it? That was the goal!