Enjoying Google Ads

As anyone who uses Gmail or searches with Google likely knows, interesting text ads often pop up on the right side of the screen depending on what you're typing.

One time I was exchanging emails with some friends about the Living History Farms race we were going to participate in before I moved to L-Town. The Google Ads adjacent to our messages were along the lines of "Real women run in skirts" and other such nonsense, which made me laugh because as anyone who has participated in the Living History Farms race knows real women wouldn't dare wear skirts. Only crazy ones would—the kind that don't mind flashing the whole world as they scale a giant, muddy hill or ford an icy stream.

I was entertained again the other day when these ads appeared next to an email exchange with Kid Sister about a certain creature I live with.

Nice try, Google. But you missed the mark with this one. The Butter I was referring to would not fit in a temperature-controlled dish or a butter crock, does not make my skin soft like organic shea butter (although his fur is pretty darn soft), and barely even fits into large dog clothes.

For the record, Google, this was the Butter I was referring to—the Butter who runs hot laps around the living room after we bathe him.

But you have to give Google credit. They tried, they really did.

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