A New Flower Season

Once the tulips and the daffodils fade away and Mother's Day arrives in L-Town (which signals planting time around these here parts), it's time to whip my front yard into shape.

I hurry through the initial raking and mowing and trimming so I can get to the good stuff: hauling out my many flower pots and filling them with plants.

Last summer, the front of our house was overrun by my pots. Like this.

(This photo was taken early last summer, before the veggies in these pots really took off).

This year, I've reigned myself in a bit (for budgetary reasons, and because I have some new areas to plant). Granted, when I say "a bit" I mean "a very little bit," if you really want to get technical. But let's not dally with language. We have flowers to ogle over.

Let's with some geraniums.

Then we'll move on to the pot of dahlias, which just bloomed.

Plus some pretty little pansies.

And some marigolds.

Of course I had to plant a few practical things too, so there's a jalapeno plant.

Plus a cherry tomato and a Roma as well.

That about covers most of this year's pots. But, lest you think that's all I planted, be warned. In the coming days you'll be subjected to a string of planting-related posts that will take you all over our yard and even down the street.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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