Getting Ready

Every morning when I get ready for the day, Butter assumes his spot just outside the hallway to keep an eye on me.

Seriously, he lies here like this every morning. I don’t know whether he is afraid I’m going to choke on toothpaste or burn myself with my curling iron (both possibilities) or if he just adores me so much he likes to gaze lovingly at me. I’m going to pretend it’s the latter.


Anonymous said...

Cubbie used to follow me around when I got ready in the morning and enjoy the occasional breeze from the blow dryer. Now he curls up in the smallest ball possible on the couch and ignores me. I don't know if it is because he is tired, mad at me, or doesn't feel well :(

Julie said...

Oh Cubbie! At least he likes the blow dryer. That is one of the only things Butter is still afraid of. I bet he's sad because he knows you're leaving him for the day and he thinks you should just be curling up on the couch next to him all day!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture!