Bleacher Seats

Growing up in Wyoming, I didn't have a lot of choices for professional sports teams to root for.

Scratch that. I didn't have any options.

But that was OK. It just meant I—along with everyone else in the state—got to pick and choose whoever I wanted to call my team. Sure, a lot of people picked Denver teams because they were pretty darn close (in Wyoming terms, anyway). But a lot of people picked teams from the West Coast. And the East Coast. And everywhere in between.

That's why, during basketball season, I was a huge fan of the Charlotte Hornets (yep, even had a Hornets Starter jacket). And, of course, I followed the Chicago Bulls (um, hello, Michael Jordan).

During football season, I rooted for the 49ers and the Chiefs (just like my Dad).

And during baseball season, I'd follow the Rockies, but my real teams were the Minnesota Twins (I adored Kirby Puckett and went as a Twins player for Halloween at least two years in a row) and the Atlanta Braves (because I got to go to a few of their games when I was younger and I loved Fred McGriff and Chipper Jones).

Part of me still roots for all of these teams, but now that I live in Illinois (and live with a rabid ... er, I mean avid ... Illinois sports fan), I've started cheering for the Bears and the Cubs too.

That's why, last summer, I went to my first Cubs game. Only we didn't actually sit in the stadium. We sat on one of the rooftops next to the stadium (incredibly fun, yes, but still not in Wrigley).

Lucky me, this year I actually made it into the stadium for the first time ever. And not only that, but I got to sit in the bleacher seats. (That, in case you're not familiar with Wrigley, is where all the cool kids hang out. At least that's what I was told.)

We sat in right field and had a very nice view of the giant scoreboard you saw above. And the iconic ivy.

And the field, of course.

We got there early enough to have pretty darn good seats. And boy oh boy was it a gorgeous day. In fact, despite warnings that we needed to pack gloves and ear muffs, it turned out to be so warm and sunny that we were in t-shirts. (And I came home with quite a sunburn on my forearms, forehead, and nose. Guess I should've worn that free camo Cubs hat I snagged ...)

Hot dogs, beer, a sunny day, and baseball. What more could you ask for?

Oh, that's right, my very own Cubs t-shirt. And a Cubs win.

Check and check.

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