A W Flag

Conservative Boy has two favorite Ws. The first, our former president, is memorialized in a shrine in the basement (that, thankfully, isn't that noticeable when you're down there). The second is the big blue kind that flies on a white flag after a certain Chicago team wins a game.

Thanks to T-Bear and Kid Sister, Conservative Boy received his very own giant W flag for Christmas. And, after buying and borrowing multiple flag poles that didn't work, he found the right one. So today, in honor of yesterday's win, you'll spot a giant W flag flying in the breeze outside our house.

So far it has startled me twice when I walked out into the living room. I thought someone was standing there for a second. I guess I'll get used to it.

Of course you'll get used to it, Conservative Boy says. You better, since it's going to fly after every single game the Cubs have this year.

Cubs fans. You eternal optimists. Go ahead, I'm ready. Remind me that this is the year.

[Update: A few hours after this was posted, the Cubs lost. Conservative Boy requested that I immediately bring the flag in.]

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Anonymous said...

The Cubs are never going to win the World Series.