A Tale of Three Houses (Part III)

Go ahead and boo. I know I'm lame. I gave you a tale of two houses and then left you hanging for a couple of days. That was mean. But very unintentional—I promise.

I just got distracted by studying for an environmental law exam (I thought I had two weeks before I had to take it, then found out the other day it's next Tuesday—ack!), tackling a few around-the-house projects, trying a few new recipes, and going to a luau. You'll hear about all these things soon (well, except for the exam, because I am guessing you don't care to hear about nonattainment areas under the Clean Air Act and who is considered a generator of hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act—but hey, if I'm wrong, let me know).

But first, I owe you a tale of the third house.

This house came well before My Parents' condo and Conservative Parents' home. It was My Parents' first introduction to the Lake Oconee area and, if memory serves me correctly, it is also the place where the wheels started turning and Conservative Parents got serious about seeking out their own place in the area.

Can you see why yet? A nice-looking exterior (with an exceptionally steep drive). A wooded area.

All very nice. But the real draw? The reason I would drop everything and move in there right now if P-Diddy and the lovely L would have me. (And no, not that P-Diddy. But that's a swell nickname, right?)

The lake.

You can see the lake from their back deck.

And the screened porch.

And from the lower patio area under the deck (which includes a terrific outdoor fireplace). I do not have a photo of this, unfortunately, but it's a sweet spot. It's the entire lower level you see here. Now use your imagination.

But wait. I'm supposed to be showing you more of the inside of the house. Not talking about the views oustide. (Although, of course, when the weather is nice we spend most of our time outdoors.)

This is the kitchen, where lovely L has made many a fine meal and the rest of us have opened many a fine bottle of wine.

This is the formal dining room, where dinnertime takes place. Although on busy lake weekends, the bar in the kitchen, the kitchen table, and the table in the screened porch may be used for overflow seating.

This is the living room. Perfect for relaxing. If you aren't relaxed enough, from lounging on the deck, on the patio, on the dock, in the boat ... well, you get the idea.

Upstairs, you'll find bedrooms and bathrooms. Downstairs, you'll find more living space and an additional bedroom and bath. We were in the midst of a big, raucous, multi-family weekend at the lake when I took these photos, however, so I chose to be nice and leave the bedrooms and baths alone.

(You've heard about this place before, by the way. But only the lake. It make an appearance last year and earlier this summer too. Now you can say you've been there. Although, admittedly, the photos can't quite do the place justice. But isn't that always the case?)

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