Sharing a Photo

Because I am random, I would like to share a photo with you.

This is a photo of My Dad, My Mom, and their dog. We never, ever, ever had a dog when I was growing up (a situation I believe I have mentioned before, which is particularly surprising considering that now that Butter lives with us I am crazy about dogs).

Before I was born, My Parents owned this magnificent creature. I don't know much about him (or her, I'm not sure), but I'm fascinated nonetheless. He's so furry he doesn't even look like he has eyes! (By the way, remind me not to complain about Butter shedding anymore; this guy looks like a beast.)

I love this picture, which my Uncle J gave me when I was home for my grandfather's funeral. My Mom looks gorgeous, of course. But can we just talk about My Dad's hair for a while, please? It's terrific. You should have seen it when it was long and PERMED. Not that I actually saw it in person, because that was back when he played college basketball and I wasn't around then, but I've seen the photos and it was awesome.

I would not make something like that up. Ever.


lgc said...

Okay--here's the real story about the beautiful Old English Sheepdog in the picture. She was a present to Your Dad from his previous girlfriend (who was a friend of mine as well). Your Dad named the dog Hooker because her right eye was black, which he thought looked like it was from a left hook. Hmmm...

Julie said...

Hmm. Now that you say that, I think maybe I knew it was from an old girlfriend. But I definitely didn't know his name was Hooker! That's hilarious.