A Message From Butter

I interrupt the "A Tale of Three Houses" series to bring you a very important announcement from Butter. He begged me to post it right now rather than waiting for another day. And what Butter wants, Butter gets. So, without further ado ...

Hi, guys. It's me, Butter. I haven't chatted with you in a while so I pretended I had something urgent to say so Julie would give me a chance to say hello. Shhh. Don't tell her I lied.

I just wanted to let you know that things are pretty awesome around here. I have been going for runs with Conservative Boy every day at lunch. And sometimes Julie lets me help her water the flowers, although apparently she doesn't like it when I actually try to do the watering. Plus, I have at least three people who drive by and honk at me in the window every day. That makes me happy.

They love me, they really love me.

On the downside, I had to go to the pet motel for a few days, which was pretty lame. But then I got to play with my friend Walker for a while before Conservative Boy and Julie got home, so that made up for the pet motel stay.

Then this week I got worms. That's gross, and I won't go into the details. But on the upside, Julie fed me a whole potato. I think she may have put some medicine in it, but I couldn't tell. I just scarfed the potato down and asked for more. And now my worms are gone (I think).

But, other than that, life is good. I even got to hang out in Conservative Mom and Dad's backyard for a while the other day while Julie tended to her garden. That's where I am in these photos. As you can see, I worked really hard.

By the way, I slobbered all over Julie just now as punishment for the fact that she hasn't ever posted pictures of her Conservative Family garden on here. It's already the middle of July! What the heck has she been doing? So she promises to share garden pictures soon. Just as soon as she finishes the Tale of Three Houses.

But now I have to get going. The mailman should be here any minute and I need to stand guard.


Kid Sister said...

Is it bad that when I read these they are in a dog voice, or what I think a dog voice should be, and I actually picture Butter it??!?!

Julie said...

That's perfectly acceptable. When I write them, I hear Butter's voice in my head. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, right?