A Radio Interview

I haven't done anything with radio since I was in high school traveling the Midwest on the Truth Tour, when we'd speak the truth about the tobacco industry, if you will, at radio stations and on TV programs in the cities we visited.

Until this morning, that is. This morning I spent nearly 15 minutes on the air for an interview with WJBC, an AM radio station out of Bloomington. It was fun. We talked about Illinois Adventures, of course, and the places I've visited. And a lot about food, which you know I'm always willing to chat about.

You can hear a few seconds of the interview here. Now let's hope they fix the link to the site, because last time I checked it wasn't right!


gaietync said...

I wish I could hear the entire thing. This is such a great opportunity for your site congrats!
And who knew you had such a sexy radio voice....mmmmm

Julie said...

Sexy radio voice! I thought I sounded like I was 12 ...