A Quiet 4th

Had it not been for the fireworks we watched in L-Town last night (a pretty great show for a small town, I have to say), I might have forgotten it was the 4th of July weekend.

That's what happens when it rains—really rains—all day on the 4th. That rain thwarted my plans to ride my bike around town to garage sales, to the farmer's market, to the flea market and to any other action I could find celebrating Independence Day in downtown L-Town. It prevented me from laying by the pool for the first time all summer and from hanging out at a backyard cookout.

But that's OK. It did allow me to work on my midterm exam for environmental law, do some cleaning, and bake some cookies that we took to Conservative Boy's buddy's house. We sat in the garage, still managed to grill, and all in all had an enjoyable evening, even if it wasn't the blue skies 4th everyone expects.

And yesterday the weather turned out to be perfect, so after finishing my exam I managed to get in a dog walk and a bike ride before heading next door for a 50th birthday luau for our neighbor. And then on to the fireworks.

In other news, you'll be shocked (OK, not at all), but the cookies I made were sugar cookies. With a twist: Conservative Boy made the frosting. Well, at least he added the food coloring. So the hues were intense. We're talking Play-Doh intense. He actually decided after making the frosting colors that he wanted to start his own "intense" cooking show. But it would have to be HBO so he could throw the f-bomb. Because that's intense.

Conservative Boy also arranged the cookies. I have to admit, he continues to amaze me. He was serious about arranging these cookies. After he'd finished, he stared at the plate for a while because something just wasn't quite right. Then he adjusted the cookies a bit. Then they were perfect and we could finally go to the BBQ.

Oh, and did I mention we watched a lot of HGTV and DIY this weekend? And no, I didn't turn on the TV. It was Conservative Boy. Something has come over him—and I think I like it.

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