Lounging in the Sun

Don't be mistaken by the title of today's blog post. I'm not the one lounging in the sun, although I sure wish I had time to take a trip to the pool. It's lovely outside today.

Butter is the one soaking up the rays.

It all started a couple of weeks ago, when it was hot, hot, hot in L-Town. We're talking in the 90s. Usually, Butter runs outside, does his business, then runs right back up to the back door and scratches on it so I know he's ready to come in.

But then one day he didn't. So I waited. And waited a while longer. Then got worried he had tangled himself in the bushes and went to check on him.

He wasn't tangled. He was doing this.

On the hottest day of the summer.

Apparently, he's a sun worshipper. Since then, at least once a day, I catch Butter flopped out on the patio in full sun. He stays there until he gets nice and warm, then lets me know he's ready for his cool-down.

Sometimes, he stays out there so long he falls asleep.

But alas, he's a furry fellow, so eventually he gets too warm and wakes himself up.

And realizes just how bright it is in the backyard mid-morning.

And yawns and stretches.

So he can come back inside and continue his nap where it's cooler.

Ah, the dog's life. It's a tough one.

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Anonymous said...

He is sooooooooooo cute!