Busy as a Bee

This weekend, I'm busy as a bee in multiple gardens. Yesterday, I spent quite a bit of time weeding over at the Conservative Family Home to prepare for Conservative Mom's (brief) return from Georgia. Then, after that, I whipped a corner of our yard that needed some help into shape (more on that later). Today, I plan to tackle trimming the bushes, giving my pots in the front yard some TLC, and weeding in the perennial garden.

Oh, the perennial garden. Source of so little work and so much color. It has really taken off lately. These pictures are actually a bit old, but alas I am slow at posting so they're only now making an appearance.

There's some ivory. (Is this ivory? I think so, but I could be wrong.)

And some red.
Some yellow.
Some purple.

And some more purple. And yes, silly, I know these look pink. But they're called purple coneflowers and so, for the purpose of this post, they too are purple.

This brings me to the second point of this post: I'm not the only busy bee in the garden.

The last time I was out taking photos, a number of these fellows were hard at work.

I appreciate their efforts, especially when they allow me to get up close and personal with them while they're working.

Bees, in case you haven't heard, are very important. (You can hear more here.) The hornets that took up residence in our backyard last week I could do without. But the bees I love. As long as they don't sting My Mom or Conservative Boy. That would end badly.

I do not, however, have any love for these punks. We are going to have words later today.

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