Penne a la Betsy

Last Friday I tried another new recipe. It's called Penne a la Betsy. This one drew my eye because:

1. It's made by The Pioneer Woman, whom I absolutely adore for her wackiness, recipes, photography skills, lodge, handsome cowboys ... oh, and wackiness

2. With a name like "Penne a la Punk-Ass Betsy" (or Penne a la Betsy if you're being formal), it has to be good

3. It's pasta ... and you know I love pasta

4. It has shrimp

5. It's easy

6. It's pasta

Well, you get the idea. So, for all these reasons and more, try it yourself. It was pretty darn delicious. Serve with crusty bread, a salad, and a glass of wine and your Friday will be complete.

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