Finding Butter

Most of the time when I walk out of my office to refill my coffee cup or grab a snack, I find Butter curled up snoozing in his favorite spot in the hallway (this is also the post he assumes when we tell him it's time to go to bed). Or he snoozes on a patch of open floor space near the dining room table, so he's poised to hop up the second I emerge. Occasionally, however, when I walk out into the living area I don't immediately spot or even hear him.

I expect to discover Butter has made a stealthy escape and is outside terrorizing the squirrels that cause him so much anxiety every day.

But no, he's just found a patch of sun.

There are only three times when you'll find Butter alone in the living room. One: When he has a rawhide bone in his possession and is hiding from us because he wants to chew it in peace. Two: When he is sitting in front of the picture window, keeping a close watch on the world. Three: When it's late morning and sun is streaming through the window and he's sprawled on the floor, napping away.

I always have this overwhelming urge to join him. What could be better than curling up on the carpet in the sun for a snooze?

It's also the only time of day Butter doesn't race after me into the kitchen in case he's getting a snack with me. Something really important has to be going on for him to get up. Really though, can you blame the fellow?

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