Last post on DC. Promise. But I really must share photos from my very first trip to the Lululemon store My Sister manages in Bethesda, Maryland.

Lululemon is a great company to work for and a terrific place to shop too, as anyone who has worn their clothes can attest.

Even the exterior of the stores are cool (and each one is totally unique).

My Sister has been with the Bethesda store since it opened this summer. She got things going here. It's her baby.

She even modeled for some of the photos in the window. This is her.

There's also a picture of her crotch in the window. Really. It's important, to show off how flattering Lulu clothing is. But you'll have to stop by the store yourself if you want to see the crotch photo. Sorry.

Oh, and did I mention that one of the best things about Lulu is how personalized their service is? You even get your name on the dressing room door. Like this.

I am Sista Lulu. My Mom is Moma Lulu. How cool is that?


Jason said...

Not into yoga, or any clothing with stretch really (well, except socks), but I do have a question. What is going on with the green background?

Julie said...

You might like a nice pair of Lulu pants! You never know.

I'm glad you asked about the green background. I infrequently visit the actual blog and didn't realize that was still on there. I was playing around the other day with things ... It's a little much, isn't it? That's why I thought I removed it ...