Loving the Governor

I just read the most wonderful description of our favorite person, the Illinois governor (do we have to call him that still?). After I stopped laughing hysterically, I thought I'd share it with you:

"I love Blago.

I love his beady little eyes. I love his Serbian shock of hair. I love his flaring nostrils. I love the way he jogs through the snow under indictment, like a stork in spandex trying to gallop. I love the way he compares himself in quick order to Pearl Harbor, Oliver Wendell Holmes and a dead cowboy."

Can't you just see him? It's priceless.

It was written by The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd—you can read the rest of her column here.

Or why not try your hand at your own description of that dashing fellow who, it appears, doesn't have just once screw loose but many (under that perfectly coiffed noggin of his, of course)? I'd love to read it.

Then again, I think Chicago mayor Richard Daley summed it up better than anyone could, with one word mind you: Cuckoo.

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