Coming Home to Butter

Whenever I come home from class or the gym or wherever else I may be, this fellow greets me. And he's always exceptionally excited to see me. Always. Even though he's gazing at me over the top of his gate.

The hallway and bathroom are Butter's domain when we're away (well, except when I'm not around and Conservative Boy lets Butter have free reign ... but that's breaking the rules, and it has led to the destruction of many remote controls).

Butter knows where he goes when we leave well enough now that often if we're putting on shoes or coats he'll run into the hallway and wait patiently for us to put up the gate. Or, if he hasn't figured out it's time to go, all we have to say is "go to bed" and he assumes his position.

It's a wonderful, arrangement, really. And then he'll sit there, head resting on the gate, tail wagging, until we leave.

And when we come home? Man, is he excited to see us.

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