An Oatmeal Morning

One of my favorite parts about a cold winter morning is breakfast. Specifically, my bowl of oatmeal. This may sound random, and I suppose it is, but just look at it!

Delicious, I tell you.

The thing that is so wonderful about this oatmeal is that it isn't just oatmeal. It's the mix-ins, if you will, that make it so tasty (not to mention healthy, although oatmeal is plenty good for you on its own). Here's my oatmeal mix-in recipe, written just for you, dear reader.

Something oatmeal-y. A packet of instant oatmeal or a scoop of quick-cooking oats does the treat. Or go all out and cook up a serving of Bob's Red Mill steel cut oats. That's my vote.

Something sweet. Honey, maple syrup, or brown sugar. It depends on the morning. On this particular morning, it's brown sugar.

Something milky. Not too much, mind you. Just a little splash of milk or cream or half-and-half, to make the oatmeal nice and creamy.

Something fruity. If I have strawberries, blueberries, or bananas on hand, they're definitely going on the bowl. If I don't have fresh fruit, it's usually dried cranberries. Any dried fruit would be good actually. And sometimes, if they're both sitting around, fresh and dried fruit go in together. That's what you're seeing here. Why not?

Something nutty. This is pretty much whatever I have on hand. Almonds are a favorite. Pecans and walnuts are great too. Or some of each. This morning, it's walnuts.

Now get your eyes off my bowl of oatmeal and go make your own. Yum. Then do the same tomorrow. Your body and your taste buds will thank you.

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