A New Use for Broomball Shoes

The last time I wore my broomball shoes was nearly a year ago, when I played a game of midnight broomball in Des Moines. Prior to moving to L-Town, Conservative Boy and I played on a co-ed broomball team—although our team was inexperienced and ... um ... not exactly the best team in the league, we had a terrific time. So I was sad when I had to pack up my broomball shoes because, as I discovered, there wasn't anywhere around here where we could play.

But then right before Christmas Conservative Boy had a brilliant idea (don't let that go to your head, mister): why not wear our broomball shoes when walking Butter?

I tried it recently when the sidewalks were so coated with ice that nobody in their right mind would walk a large dog (who sometimes walks me more than I walk him—we're still working on that). Or any dog at all. But with broomball shoes on? Piece of cake.

The shoes are pretty warm (perhaps even warmer than my cheap, albeit awesome, moon boots) and cushiony. And their big rubber soles provide traction on the ice, so although you can't be as sure-footed as you would be on dry pavement, you can walk along on icy streets and sidewalks with relative ease. So, while even Butter slipped and slid around in his hurry to pee on everything possible, I felt relatively surefooted.

Now that we're back into reasonable dog-walking weather (read: no negative temps) it's time to get Butter back out for his daily walks. Rest assured if you see me around town later today with a playful yellow-white dog in tow, I'll be wearing my broomball shoes. They may look goofy, but I'm hopeful they'll save me from a broken bone or five.

That's why I've been thinking that the manufacturers of these broomball shoes should get their butts in gear and do some cross-selling. Think about it: these shoes would be perfect for delivery people who regularly have to brave icy sidewalks. Tie a pair of these babies on and suddenly those sidewalks aren't a workman's comp claim waiting to happen. And not just that. Think of all the serious walkers who hate to be cooped up inside on icy days when they can't possible walk outside. With broomball shoes, they can. In fact, in wintry climes where ice is the norm a good number of months out of the year, why wouldn't you wear these shoes whenever you have to go outside?

Seems like a good idea to me.

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