New Friends for Butter

Meet Larry and Mo.

This holiday season, they're hanging out at Butter's window to keep him company.

He doesn't usually give them the time of day, because he has more important things to do like keep an eye on the neighborhood. But they sure do look good sitting on either side of him.

And when intruders threaten and he's on guard, they make good sidekicks. These penguins look sweet, but they're fierce I tell you. Fierce. Just like precious Butter.

I'm thinking there's a good chance their nighttime presence will draw passersby down our street.

What do you think?


Kid Sister said...

I saw it for the first time last night and it is about the cutest thing ever!! I was thinking as I read your post, if you and Brother ever decide to move unless your new house has a big window in the front I don't think Butter is going to go with you!

Julie said...

You're so right about the window! It will probably have to be at the top of the list, along with a bigger backyard where Butter can run around.

Anonymous said...

These are great pics...