Gratitude: Lemon Echinacea Throat Coat Tea

When I am sick or my throat is a bit scratchy or I'm even just craving something warm and soothing, I make a big cup of lemon echinacea throat coat tea by Traditional Medicinals Tea.

A good friend of mine recommended the tea a few years ago when I was feeling under the weather, and since then I always make sure to have some around.

Even if you're not a tea fan, if you have a sore throat I think you'll find it makes life much better—or at least makes swallowing more bearable.

I finally got Conservative Hubby to try it a few evenings ago. Of course, I had to give him my germs first. But then, for the first time in what may be the history of our relationship, he asked if I would make him some tea.

Tea! This is the fellow that until about a year ago hated all hot beverages and refused to drink coffee. Now he regularly drinks coffee in the morning and requested hot tea. I thought I was going to pass out from shock.

So I made him some lemon echinacea throat coat tea and he drank it all without a word of complaint. When I asked if he liked it, he even nodded. Perhaps not the emphatic yes I was hoping for, but he didn't say it was nasty and slam the mug down in disgust.

See? So you'll like it too. I'm just sure of it.

Plus each tea bag comes with an inspiring message. And you can't beat that.

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