Holiday Decor

I love the holidays.

I love the festive reds and greens and golds and silvers of Christmastime.

I love the lights on trees and eaves, the bold leaves of poinsettias, the small tokens of tradition that get displayed each and every December.

I try not to go overboard with decorations around the house, but a few of my favorite things make an appearance every year—and I try to add one new Christmas treasure each holiday season.

Like this pretty gold star, which sits on the dining room table.

And this little silver swirly tree.

This candy cane dish.

A few lovely poinsettias.

And, of course, the tree.

This year, the tree is adorned with brand-new LED lights. Conservative Boy says they're blue, but even so, they look lovely. And they match the lights hanging on the exterior of our house.

Butter doesn't care if the lights look blue at night.

He loves the Christmas decorations (and having his photo taken).

But of course you know which decorations he likes best.

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