Building a Bar

Let's get something straight right away.

I did not actually build a bar. Conservative Boy and his buddies built a bar.

I just watched. And clapped ecstatically as the bar took shape ... and thought ahead to the time in the near future when I will have to stain the whole darn thing. But since Conservative Boy doesn't have his own blog devoted to things he tries, I thought I'd share here.

The action began about 1 p.m. on Saturday, when our garage was filled with wood and saws and an assortment of fellows cutting away. By 4 p.m., a number of us were standing around the bar, even though it still had a long way to go.

At 10 p.m., we were still standing around the bar, observing the boys in action. It was like a real-life DIY show right in our basement—how could we not watch?

There are a number of exciting details. Like the shelves for booze and glasses and other important items.

And the cubbies that just so happen to fit C.B.'s recycling cans perfectly.

The bar was finished yesterday and open for business, although as you can see we still need stools that fit. And a fridge to fill the hole below the Crown sign. Plus C.B.'s attempts at sliding beers down the bar were met with resistance since the wood hasn't been sanded and stained yet.

We're getting closer though. And soon—soon!—you can come on down and enjoy a beer with C.B. and The Duke.

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