Cookie-Making Extravaganza Update: Day 3

As you learned the other day, cookie-making extravaganza day two was a bit of a dud—to say the least.

(Although I have to admit, even the ugly dud Christmas tree cookies were rather tasty. Not that I just ate one with my morning mug of coffee or anything.)

So on day three, last Sunday, I was on a mission to redeem myself. Essentially, my entire day involved only two tasks: studying for ecology (which I don't think I did enough of) and baking cookies. Well, those two tasks and petting Butter. But that's a given.

Day three was all about timing. First I mixed up a double batch of sugar cookie dough (yes, in the shiny new artisan mixer). Then, while the dough chilled in the fridge, I rolled up my sleeves and prepared to redeem myself.

Armed with a brand-new cookie press we purchased on Saturday to replace the lovely old one I broke, I made a new batch of Christmas tree cookies. All I had to do was place the dough in the barrel and pull the trigger.

It worked! It was easy! They turned out wonderfully! I will stop using exclamation points now! OK, now.

After I did a happy dance around the kitchen, I went back to the sugar cookie dough. I rolled, I cut, I baked.

Then, while the sugar cookies cooled, I mixed up a batch of candy cane cookie dough, dyed it, and twisted and baked the candy canes.

Once those babies were done, it was on to frosting and decorating the sugar cookies.

And then, victory of all victories, my cookie-making extravaganza was done.

Well, almost. First I packaged the cookies and fudge up in cute little tins to give to friends and neighbors, loaded some plates with cookies for family, and ate a few myself.

Then I was done. Really done. I sure do love baking, but by the time you frost your 30th cookie it's a bit exhausting.

I think I'll call it quits until next year. Or until I get bored this weekend.

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