Getting Hitched

Yes, it's official. Conservative Boy and I got married on Friday, November 27.

It was the perfect, low-key day ... just what we were hoping for. The weather was sunny (albeit chilly), we got to celebrate with our immediate families, and Conservative Boy's childhood friend (and the pastor for the big day) made it to Georgia without any problems.

We had a talented musician, a stellar photographer, homemade pies, and lots of smiles. What more could you ask for?

More details, perhaps. But those will have to come later. This promises to be a crazy week at school for me, so I likely will post rather sporadically.

However, in the meantime, I do have a very special sneak peek of the big day for you, courtesy of our photographer, Melissa Williamson. (By the way, if you know anyone getting married in Georgia, I highly recommend her. She's terrific!)



rachel. said...

so lovely, lady. congrats congrats! this was perfect.


Cara Hall said...

Congratulations, Jules. I want to celebrate with you soon!

Jessica said...

Stunning photos. You both look so happy. Congrats Julie!