Burlesque and Bull Riding

This past weekend, I headed to Kansas City for a birthday celebration for one of my college friends, which actually morphed into a bachelorette party for yours truly.

(In case you've forgotten, I'm getting hitched to a certain Conservative Boy in about a week and a half!)

Now, you know I can't share much about said bachelorette party, because even when they're not in Vegas like the last one I went to, the same rule applies: What happens at bachelorette parties does not get broadcast over this crazy invention called the Internet.

However, I will tell you this: It was fantastically fun, most of all because I got to spend the weekend with a group of my most favorite people. And they took me to a great Kansas City-area winery for a tasting, followed by wine and snacks outside in a lovely little gazebo.

Then it was on to the burlesque portion of the day. And no, I'm not going to elaborate. You can figure that out on your own. Muahahaha.

Afterward, we all donned our cowboy hats and boots (for real—it was a western-themed bash, in honor of my home state) and headed to Stix, a restaurant at which I ate the most delicious sushi. (And here's an exciting part: met up with a childhood friend I haven't seen in ... oh ... 15 years. And Conservative Sister came too and bravely joined the debauchery—we even had a hat for her.)

The cowboy boots and hats, naturally, led to a little joint called Wild Bill's, where I may or may not have done this.


(Note to self: Bull riding, even when the bull is not real, leads to some seriously sore legs the next day.)

And yes, the blurry cell phone picture is all you're going to get. You can't prove that's actually me, right?

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