The To-Do List

Clean up all the leaves in the yard, only to have more leaves appear an hour after this task is complete.

Take Conservative Boy to Springfield to have his cast removed after thumb surgery. Expect the giant pin sticking out of the top of his thumb (yes, it is as gross as it sounds) will come out too. Find out the pin stays for at least another month, but at least now it's not out in the open.

Drive Conservative Boy home. Turn around and go back to Springfield for school.

Work on presentation on urban environmental problems for a sociology class.

Work on compiling data for a study of two forest areas near Springfield for ecology.

Read about landscape ecology. Take three hours of notes about landscape ecology.

Work on the UIS music department website. And the sociology department website. And, for a few minutes, a wedding website.

Get hair colored and cut.

Drive to Peoria to pick up wedding dress, only to discover that it does not fit. Be incredibly grateful the seamstress can have alterations done by next Wednesday.

Spend hours trying to get receptions pinned down so invitations can be ordered. Finally succeed on Wednesday night.

Finish an article on ways to encourage kids to "go green" for freelance article writing class.

Work on presentation about freelance magazine writing for next week's freelance article writing class.

Get up early to speed-clean the house.

Work more on urban environmental problems presentation. And websites.

Go to sociology faculty meetings. Scan the same reading three times for a faculty member because it's half a book and too large to fit on Blackboard.

Dream about a week from tomorrow ... the last day of school before we head to Georgia.

Write a random blog post, because it seems so much more productive than actually tackling the rest of the things on the to-do list.

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