A Weekend Trip

I left Illinois behind this weekend for a (very) quick bachelorette party trip.

One of my good college friends is getting hitched in July, so some of her high school, college, and grad school friends met up for a wild girls' weekend.

In Paris, no less.

It was lovely. Warm and sunny and perfect.

Only we weren't really in Paris. But we were at The Paris. In Vegas, baby.

Yes, that's right. The whole crew descended on Sin City.

We ate great food (for brunch Saturday, we dined at a restaurant in The Paris overlooking the dancing fountains of the Bellagio).

We also did a bit of gambling (I spent a whopping $6!), had some tasty drinks, danced, lounged by the glamorous hotel pool, and walked around the city a bit (here's the lion at MGM Grand, and behind that New York New York).

And that's all I'm going to say.

Because you know the rule: What happens in Vegas ...

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