Watching Butter Wait

You already know that Butter gets restless when it's quitting time. But he also gets pretty darn excited when he hears the garage door open at lunch and after work. That means Conservative Boy is home.

No matter where he is in the house, Butter takes off at full speed for the door in the kitchen that leads to the garage. He stands there patiently and waits, cocking his head each time he hears a sound that may or may not be Conservative Boy coming into the house.

If Conservative Boy is slow, Butter races (at full speed again) out of the kitchen and around the corner to his window to see what the hold up is. Of course, he can't see the garage from there, so he has to hurry to get back to the kitchen door as quickly as possible.

Come on, Julie. Where is he? Butter asks.

And then he hears the first door open. And then the door he's standing at opens. And he's there to greet Conservative Boy with a crotch sniff.

That's true doggie devotion.

(Random side note: Isn't the pink tile particularly horrifying where it extends all the way to the floor? Who wants to come help me demolish it?)

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