Weekend Fun

I love summer weekends at home. I really do. We're gone so much during the summer that I savor those weekends when we're actually in L-Town to enjoy some downtime. Not that it's really downtime. We always manage to keep busy—but it's a relaxed busy. An enjoyable busy.

This weekend our usual golfing was thwarted by a wet golf course on Saturday and a certain Conservative Boy's neck pain on Sunday.

On Saturday, that meant Butter and I had time for a trip to the farmer's market. We found all sorts of treasures, like fresh blueberries. And Romaine.

And this absolutely wonderful homemade granola, which I'm actually eating as I type this.

Plus this caramel pecan breakfast bread, also known as heaven. I warmed it up when we got home from the market and most of it was gone within an hour. Oh wait. I just remembered there's a piece left. Why haven't I eaten that yet?

The same woman makes the granola and the bread. She's incredibly sweet and I imagine her husband must weigh about 600 pounds if he eats the stuff she makes all the time. I know I would be if I married her. Not that I would marry her. But you know what I mean.

Butter loves going to the market with me. He gets to walk all the way downtown and parade around the park and wait for people to pet him. Sometimes they even offer him drinks of water. And this weekend he was super duper lucky and I bought him some homemade doggy treats, even though he's supposed to be on a restricted diet because of allergies. But hey, it's the weekend. I make lattes at home on the weekend and I'm allergic to milk, so Butter can enjoy a doggie treat on the weekend and not worry about his allergies. Right?

But enough about the farmer's market. Saturday afternoon, Conservative Boy and I headed to Clinton with Twigs, one of C.B.'s best friends since they used to pretend to be WWF wrestlers in the Conservative Family basement. (I know what you're thinking, and I mean when they were in elementary school. Not last year.) His parents have a boat and they invited us along to boat at Clinton Lake.

It was perfect boating weather—and, at least for Twigs, skiing weather too. Next time I'll get out and give it a try, but I was enjoying soaking up the sun too much to mess with water skiing on this adventure. Plus, he made it look so easy. But we all know better. Water skiing is hard.

Sunday was a busy day—for me at least. Butter and Conservative Boy were pretty darn lazy. But I managed to do a whole-house cleaning, weeded over at the Conservative Family residence, and even snagged this lovely bouquet of flowers from the Conservative Family yard.

Oh, and we hosted Father's Day dinner at our house for Conservative Dad, which involved a wedge salad, stuffed burgers, sweet potato fries, green beans, and pie for dessert.

I'll share more about that soon. But I just realized as I wrote this that I set the sweet potato fries back in the oven (after I turned it off) so they would stay warm after dinner and they're still in there. Oops.

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