A Tasty Apple Pastry

The other day I decided I needed to make a sweet treat. Specifically, I needed to make a sweet treat with some apples in the crisper that I had forgotten about for too long. So I made this.

It looks awfully lovely, but it was incredibly easy. We're talking make it in minutes and convince the crowd you spent hours easy.

(As long as you don't use a warped cookie sheet like I did. Because then the brown sugar will start running out of the pastry and off the pan and down through the crack in the oven door and into the cupboard and onto the floor and lord almighty that's a mess.)

You'll never guess where I got this recipe.

Come on now, guess.

She's a wacky, lovely ranch-wife blogger I mention every once in a while ...

She makes the most fantastic food ever and I've shared her recipes on here before ...

She's got sass ...

And a Wrangler-wearing husband with quite an ...

Hey hey hey. Where are you going with that statement? Stop it now. I was just going to say he has quite a herd of cattle. And pretty horses too.

Give up?

Yep, that's right. I snagged the recipe for this apple tart from Pioneer Woman. Get it yourself here. And enjoy!

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