A New Way to Garden (!)

I love this. I want to do this.

I know I've mentioned it before. But now that I came across this fantastic photo of guerilla gardening along with a post on the topic at The Green Life (although I think the actual pic is from Blade Diary), I'm reminded just how cool it can be.

Maybe I'll give it a try this summer. Although I think if I get arrested for guerilla gardening, the city attorney may be a little peeved with me. I might even get banned from Conservative Family Dinner.

Or, more than likely, I'll just perpetuate the impression that I'm crazy.

I'm already off to a good start. At least once a day, the neighbors spot me running around the couch in circles. Yesterday, it was four times. I pray they can see Butter's tail because I'm chasing him (he asks me to, and sometimes I just can't resist). They probably can't though. They probably think I'm nuts.

And at least once a day, they also spot me walking around the back of the house to fill up my watering can, then emerging again to water the flowers in front of our house. Even though there's a hose and a spigot right next to the flowers. They probably don't know the rain barrel is in the back. So they probably think I'm insane with a capital I.

Well then. If people already think I'm nuts, I might as well go around town and plant flowers in random places, right? L-Town needs a good shake-up every once in a while. It's good for its soul.

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