A Freelance Companion

Ever since he arrived at our house over a year ago, Butter has been my constant work companion. Basically, that means he snoozes in the living room all day and occasionally stops by the office to make sure I'm still alive.

Now that I'm on my own, he has an even more important role: He's my one and only colleague.

Fortunately it's not a hard job. He does have to put up with my chatter on occasion, because if it's a choice between talking to the wall and talking to the Butter I'll pick the white monster any day. And sometimes I get distracted by work and forget to put him out to do his business until he comes in and reminds me it's time for a break.

Other than that, life is good, and I expect it will only get better. Most days (at least until August, when classes start ...) he'll benefit from longer walks and a bit more time for belly rubbing. And he'll get to listen to me talk about some new! exciting! things! (I hope.)

Plus there's the potential for a few road trips. Yesterday, he got to take a little trip down the street in the car with me to photograph a few things for the new project I can't tell you about quite yet. (Yes, I am evil.)

It was sunny. I rolled the windows down. He was in heaven.

When we got home, he told me that he'd be willing to help me out with that type of work every day. If he had to.

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Creative Overflow said...

can't wait to hear about this new project!