Illinois Adventures

Are you sick of me telling you to go check out new websites yet? Yes no maybe? OK. OK. I'll give you a break soon.

But first I have to tell you about my new endeavor.

It's an online travel magazine I created (with the help of a talented Peoria web designer). It's called Illinois Adventures, and it's all about exploring Central Illinois. Because this part of the state is actually pretty darn cool.

Here's what it looks like (the site, that is, not this part of the state):

Why bother?

As I write on the site: "It may not have the reputation of its cousin Chicago up north, but this part of the state has plenty to offer residents and visitors alike—great restaurants and entertainment options, gorgeous vineyards, history-packed sites, plenty of events, and all the Illinois hospitality you could ask for."

If you live in the area (or ever pass through ... or just want to see what I'm up to), I hope you'll check out illinois-adventures.com.

The first "issue" includes a picture of the World's Largest Covered Wagon (right here in L-Town), a feature on the cuisine and comedy you'll find in Mason City, and more. Plus I'm adding new Central Illinois events to the site as fast as I can, so you know where to go when you're on the hunt for something to do.

But enough shameless self-promotion. I'm off to photograph a giant statue of Paul Bunyan eating a hot dog. And retrace Abraham Lincoln's footsteps for the town that was named after him (yes, that would be L-Town). Oh, and maybe if I get lucky, I'll sell a few ads while I'm at it.


Cara Hall said...

That's so awesome, Julie. I love wacky folk art.

Julie said...

Oh yes, and there's plenty of it around here. I hit up some great Route 66 sites today. Great way to spend an afternoon!

Laura said...

Love it! Perhaps we'll have to use the site to plan our next reason to visit the L-town area and our favorite L-town residents?

Anonymous said...

What a great site! You are so talented. I can't wait to read more.

Julie said...

Thanks for your comments! And yes, it is recommended that you use the site to plan a trip to lovely L-Town. Stat.