I just got back from the Prairie Berry, a farm just outside of Hartsburg, where I picked up these beauties.

Go ahead and drool. I did. Are they not the most lovely strawberries you've ever seen? And they're the tastiest too. I can attest to that fact because I couldn't help eating one ... er two ... er eight ... on the drive home. They were riding shotgun and they just kept calling out to me: Julie, eat us! Eat us now!

And so I did. And so I learned that they're truly divine.

It's a good thing too, because I bought 10 pounds of them. Yep. I did. I couldn't resist.

I'm a strawberry fan anytime of the year, but I always feel guilty when I buy a container of strawberries from the store and know that they've been shipped all the way from California. They usually taste like they've been shipped all the way from California too—as in, not all that tasty. So when strawberries are in season? I have to take advantage of it.

That's why, for the next week, we'll be eating strawberries in our cereal (as usual), strawberry smoothies, strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie. Strawberries for breakfast. Strawberries for lunch. Strawberries for dinner.

I can't wait.

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