Spring Flowers

Once Conservative Boy spotted the first signs of spring sprouting from the ground in the front yard, I started checking out the progress of my little friends regularly.

After refilling my coffee cup while working, I would peek out the front window. Or when I went out to get the mail from our mailbox, I’d sneak down the steps for a second to crouch down on the sidewalk and see how many centimeters things had moved since my last visit. Gradually, more and more little plants made an appearance and began unfurling their leaves toward the sun.

And then the buds began appearing.

I tracked the progress of the daffodils, our first bloomers, with my camera once they got close to opening.

I could tell the little yellow blossoms were just about to make an appearance, and boy oh boy did I get excited. Last year, I had no idea all these flowers would appear in our front yard. This year, I knew. But it was no less exciting.

I took this photo very early last Wednesday morning, before I started work. I was just sure the daffodils were going to open for me that day. I mean really, really sure.

But, unfortunately, before they did I had to leave for Florida. (I know, woe is me. I was forced to go to a state where the flowers bloom all year. Feel sorry for me, please.)

And when I returned, just as I suspected, I was greeted with a few sunny daffodils that had bloomed.

Only the problem was, I was also greeted by snow. A big layer of wet slushy snow, that weighed heavily on top of all my precious plants.

Frost-bitten flowers? Sad sad sad. I was afraid I had lost all of my flowers to an early spring snowstorm, and that just devastated this fledgling gardener.

But it turns out they may be more resilient than I thought. By Monday afternoon, once the sun came out and melted most of the snow, the plants began to perk up a bit.

And although some of the blooms are a bit limp and worse for the wear, they’re still there.

By George, I think they might make it. Spring wins!

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