Yummy Yogurt

I'd like to share another one of my addictions with you. It hasn't reached the level of my cookie obsession (we're nowhere near that yet), but this addiction is one of my favorite workday snacks. And if you're at all interested in getting rid of certain types of yogurt that aren't as good for you as you thought (ahem ... certain brands containing HFCS ... ahem), this is a terrific (and much fresher) substitute.

So, without further ado, I present probably the easiest recipe you've ever seen me tackle. Let's call it Julie's Berry Good Yogurt. That has a nice ring to it, eh?

First, you wash your berries. In this particular instance, it's sliced strawberries. Yesterday I made the same thing with blueberries. You can do it with about any berry. Or bananas. Or peaches. Mmm. Peaches. That would be good.

Once you're done swooning over your fresh fruit, it's time to add the yogurt. I recommend Stoneyfield Farm vanilla yogurt. You don't need any other flavorings because the fruit takes care of that for you. Go ahead, be generous. Come on, pour it on.

Now, if you're in a hurry you could stop there. But then you'd miss one of the best parts. The cereal. Today it's Grape Nuts (oops, actually it's Nutty Nuggets, if you must know ... we buy generic). Some days it's granola. Either way, this adds a bit of a crunch.

Now comes the hard part. Stir.

And eat!

Nutritious and delicious in just 30 seconds.


Jason said...

You know, if you're out to try anything and everything that strikes your fancy, you've been a touch food-obsessed lately.

Julie said...

I know, I know! Maybe I have worms and that's why I'm always hungry lately. Actually, I was thinking about it the other day and part of the problem is even when my time is limited, I have to eat, so food is what I'm thinking about when I have a chance.

Don't worry, I'll stop boring you with so much about food soon. I am going to write about snot this week if I get a chance. And after we go to Florida, I'm going to get my rain barrel installed and ready to go. And then it's almost gardening time! Plus I have some other home-related projects on the list.

Beyond that, I just have to wait for the right adventure to come along. Any suggestions?