Giving Away a Vacuum

OK. I'm not really giving away a vacuum. I have never done and probably never will do giveaways on here, unless I convince Conservative Boy to finally take down his shrine to George W. Bush in the basement. Is it really necessary? I've had to look at it for the past six years. I think it's about time it came down.

So, like I said, the only giveaway you'll find on here will be a chance to win a George W. Bush bobblehead, a book, and other select memorabilia that you no doubt will jump at the chance to display in your own home.

But if you're interested in a real giveaway, you might want to check out the other blog I write for, The Home Know-It-All. If you leave a comment in the comments section of today's post, you just may win Black & Decker Pivot Floor Vac. Free! No strings attached!

(I get nothing for posting this by the way. I just wanted to share a fun giveaway offer with you. And the best part is, even if you're friends or family of yours truly, you can still enter because the prize winner will be chosen at random by a nifty computer program. So go enter!)

End shameless blog promotion.

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