Forgetting About Butter

Butter comes in to see how things are going in the office. At least he pretends he's coming in to see how things are going. But really he does his slow walk around the desk for a very specific reason: It's time for a bathroom break. (Or, if it's after 4:45, because it's almost dinnertime.)

And so out into the living room and through the kitchen we go, as Butter leads the way to the back door. I put him on his trusty chain and let him loose to wander around the backyard, where he does his business and attempts to chase away squirrels and paces around with his nose pressed to the ground, sniffing out any intruders.

While he does this, I refill my coffee cup and go back into the office.

Usually, he scratches on the door to let me know it's time to come in. Or a few minutes later I go out and see him sitting there patiently, staring through the screen door, waiting for me.

But occasionally I get busy. I get a message on iChat or a phone call or I get wrapped up in writing and I forget.

Then, 10 minutes later, when I realize I haven't heard his scratching on the door and he's still outside, I panic and race back through the living room and kitchen, uttering [insert infrequently used expletive of your choice here].

Occasionally (don't call the cops on me for this!) I discover he has tangled himself around the tree and is patiently waiting for me to untangle him. Once the weather gets nice though, I usually find him doing this:

Yep, sitting. Surveying his domain. Enjoying the fresh air and the chirping birds without a care in the world. Sometimes, he doesn't even bother to look my way when he hears me. He doesn't even get up.

Or he gets back up, then plops right back down again if I don't immediately usher him inside.

Life is good on the back step and he could care less that I've forgotten about him.

Then it takes all my willpower not to join him, to hang out on the step and forget about what I'm supposed to be doing.

Alas, inside we both go. Butter makes a beeline for his treat cupboard in case I'm feeling generous; I make a beeline for my office again.

Until the next time Butter decides it's time to pay a visit to the office and make his slow walk around the desk.

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