Fried Cheese

I know, I know. I rant and rave on here about eating fresh, local, seasonal food and about how ingredients like HFCS are making people sick and obese. And then I go ahead and post this:

But look at it. It's delicious fried cheese. It's my weakness.

There's something about little orbs of cheese that have been deep fried that I swoon over. I can't explain it. I jump at the chance to eat these artery-clogging creations at state fairs, pubs, wherever I can find them.

I guess you could say I've become a fried cheese authority of sorts. So I was ecstatic to find out about a new takeout BBQ place in Lincoln (although I use the term "BBQ" loosely because there isn't a lot of that on the menu). Last week, Conservative Boy and I decided to try it out and consumed an incredibly healthy meal of fried food, fried food, and more fried food. It was all delicious but the tastiest part by far was the cheese. In fact, I think I am moving this cheese to the top of my L-Town fried cheese list.

But I will probably have to sample all the fried cheeses in town once more just to confirm this conclusion.

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