A Terrific Proposal

Stop the presses. I would just like to clarify up front that I am NOT breaking the news on my blog that C.B. and I are engaged. This is not a post about MY engagement news because I have no engagement news. So go ahead and keep the "When are you guys finally going to get married?" questions coming for the foreseeable future.

What this is about is a really terrific proposal that happened last Friday. The reason why I care (and why, therefore, you all instantly care, right?) is because:

1. It happened in part on one of my most favoritest blogs. (Yes, I know favoritest is not a word. But special times call for special made-up adjectives.)

2. It happened to someone I know!

Here's the scoop.

As you may have noticed by how often I mention it here, The Pioneer Woman is probably at the top of my must-read blogs list. I, like about a million other people, excitedly wait for her random posts to appear on farm life, cooking, decorating, photography, and more. She's just fantastic and, as such, her blog appears at the top of my Google reader so I never miss a post.

Pause. I must preface what comes next by saying that I am incredibly annoyed at myself. I usually catch up on my feed reading at some point on Friday afternoon or over coffee and a cookie on Saturday morning. But this week I didn't! This weekend I didn't look at my blog feeds at all. And for this I am forever shamed.

Because, on Friday afternoon, after I was done with work for the day (why that fact is important will soon become evident), The Pioneer Woman posted this seemingly simple post about a Photoshop technique called actions.

I know it will bore you, but please scroll down. Near the end of the post you will be surprised. Because, it turns out, this is not a straightforward Photoshop post.

I will pause now so you can go read it.

OK. Are you back? How crazy is that?! Some fellow named Drew oh-so creatively proposed to a lovely lady named Randall, who happens to be an avid reader of the blog.

Are you in suspense? Do you want to know what happened? I was too. (OK, not really, as I found out what happened before I even read this post.)

If you want to experience the excitement first hand, PW posted an update on the happy couple this morning. Read it. Then come back to me again. And I promise to stop doing that.

Isn't it terrific! She said yes.

Now, the reason I'm sharing this all with you is that the Randall of the now-famous couple is my coworker. And the reason why it's very disappointing that I was not working Friday afternoon (and not actually in the office) is because she was sitting in our office when she happened to finally—finally!—check up on Ree at the ranch and see the message.

She, of course, instantly jetted out of the door of the Lexicon offices and raced home to see Drew. And get that gorgeous ring. (Can we talk about that for a second? I love it).

And so there you have it. She said yes. Although not before she left a comment on the first blog post: "That's me!" How cute is that? (By the way, hundreds of people have since commented on both blog posts, sharing their excitement. It's fun to read the comments too if you have some time.)

Congrats, Randall and Drew! And kudos to you, Drew, for being so darn creative.

[Disclaimer: This post is in no way meant to drop not-so-subtle hints to a certain conservative fellow. I'm just sharing a story I thought was too cute to keep to myself!]

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