Fun in Chi-Town

When you spend a weekend in Chicago, there are plenty of things to try ...

Like working at a terrific coffee shop for the morning (this one: Intelligentsia).

And buying so many hot beverages so they'll keep letting you use their free Internet that the baristas take pity on you and buy you a latte and a giant cookie. (Who says city folks ain't nice?)

And deep-dish pizza. (It's Chicago-style, baby. But you have to take my word for it because the pics are too blurry.)

And views from a downtown apartment so terrific you don't want to do anything besides look out the window. (It's the bean in Millennium Park! And the lake!)

Then, when you tire of that view, you walk across the living room to this. (Who's shocked I came back to L-Town after this? I am!)

... And American Gothic? A ginormous American Gothic? Random.

Plus shopping on State Street and wandering Michigan Avenue.

And going to Jersey Boys. (Terrific, I tell you. Terrific. Go see it.)

And blurry baseball-shape desserts at Harry Caray's.

Remember the views? Yeah, I thought so.

(I must give props to my supporting cast: My Mom, Conservative Mom, Kid Sister, The Trump Tower, and the bean. The only one missing? My Sister. Next year maybe ... )

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