Canning: Dill Pickles

Don't you just love a good, crunchy dill pickle?

I know I do. Forget about those sweet bread and butter varieties. I'm a dill sort of girl.

So, after tackling my first attempt at canning with peach jam, I decided to do something about the abundance of cucumbers from my front-yard garden.

That something happens to be Garlic Dill Pickles, with a recipe courtesy Food in Jars, a lovely canning blog I recently discovered.

Here is the result.

I have not yet cracked open a jar to see how the pickles taste, but I have an inkling they're going to be good.

Though I haven't made labels yet, I've decided to call them: Conservative Boy's Delicious Dill Pickles. Except I'm using his real name. Although it might be more fun to use his nickname.

So now we have C.B.'s Delicious Dill Pickles and Julie's Jams.

Any guesses what's next?

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